To provide an opportunity for athletes to develop their game for the next level of their lacrosse career. We create memorable team experiences that develop players’ character, leadership and discipline. Excellence, sportsmanship and competitiveness define FCLC team members.

We believe that fundamentals are the essential building blocks, from which a successful career will grow. Through advanced instruction and a three-phase development model our players are provided the opportunity and venue to achieve their goals on the lacrosse field.

Our Values Defined:

  • We value long-term development over wins and losses. A commitment to getting better every time we step on the field, and to improve with every repetition in practice will yield results on game day. But it is the commitment to practice and personal growth that defines our program.​​
  • We promote teamwork, sportsmanship and integrity while competing against the best competition to push ourselves to get better.​
  • We are committed to bringing the best coaching to our clinics. The direct relationship between players and coaches is the greatest tool we can provide our athletes.​
  • We believe that the best lacrosse players are multi-sport athletes. Our players have the discipline and commitment to make time for lacrosse while balancing other important commitments.


Fairfield County Lacrosse Club