Foundations: Grades 3rd-6th :


This period is a sensitive period for acceleration adaptation for boys. Missing this opportunity has shown to significantly compromise body speed later in life. At this stage fundamental movement skills can be taught and mastered. As we teach these skills, we teach game tactics and focus on situational decision making.

Developing Leaders:

Boys in Grades 3rd-6th begin to be introduced to sports ethics. At this early stage we introduce and reinforce teamwork, sportsmanship and integrity. We focus on teaching our players what it means to be accountable and a great teammate.

Our Program:

With a primary focus on skill development, our program utilizes a 80/20 ratio of skill development to competitive games. Our clinics and sessions are broken up into short periods to keep players engaged, interested and constantly being challenged. In addition to training lacrosse skills, our players work on developing excellent movement mechanics to increase their opportunity to develop foot speed, hand speed and hand eye coordination.

Through playing small sided games, players maximize the number of touches and are more involved in each play. Small sided games enhance the athlete’s ability to improve game speed decision making and situational awareness, which are the foundation of lacrosse IQ.

It is our goal to create a large group of highly skilled players who love the sport of lacrosse and being part of our family. If we are successful in our goals, your child will have the foundation he needs to be successful in the Advanced Training stage of our model.



Annual Calendar

Fall Season

  • Fall Tournament Teams (5th and up)
  • Thanksgiving Clinic: Friday following Thanksgiving

Winter Season

  • Foundations Skill Clinics 

Spring Season:

  • Compete and play with your spring town program!!

Summer Season:

  • Champions League June - July
  • FCFL August Camp: August 13-15
  • FCFL Advanced Summer Teams (5th and up): June

Upcoming Events